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Walker Wayland Advantage is an independent firm of chartered accountants, taxation consultants and business advisors, focused on delivering clear business advice and creative options that generate tangible benefits. We apply our knowledge and experience to drive your success with practical advice.

Our range of services in divorce are driven by an understanding that, at this point, it is about dividing marital assets and debt rather than concepts of reconciliation. We work with you on your personal finances, to get a complete understanding of your position moving forwards.


If your family is involved in businesses, we can help you to understand the profitability or otherwise and the value of those businesses as an asset. We look deep inside the finances of these businesses uncovering hidden assets and wealth and determining the true position.


Post-divorce we blend what we have learned with our expert knowledge to assist you with getting in control of your finances and assets.


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'Divorce, boiled down to its most basic elements, is about dividing marital assets and debts.'
Jeff Landers, Forbes Magazine



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