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Hay Property Group have over 30 year’s experience in undertaking valuation for family law/matrimonial purposes throughout all parts of Melbourne and Regional Victoria and of all property types. We offer thorough and accurate valuation reports with fast turnaround times.  All valuations are completed by experienced valuers who have access to most current market data to determine the most accurate valuation for family law purposes.


Family law and/or Matrimonial Valuations


Family law or matrimonial valuations  are undertaken when there a separation of two parties through divorce / breakdown of a marriage / defacto arrangement occurs. A market valuation is required dissolve any disputes which may arise as to the current value of the property and or properties. Often both parties may agree to appoint a Single Expert Valuer to act on their behalf. Alternatively, each party may appoint a Valuer to act exclusively for them.


When are family law/matrimonial valuations required?


Family law or matrimonial property settlements are often can be the most emotional property transactions. This can be in the form of a deceased estate, separation or divorce or internal family transaction, therefore an independent valuation is strongly recommended.


An independent valuation will help prevent disputes which may arise from these situations. Generally, disputes arise when it is discovered one party may has significantly been advantageous or disadvantageous from a property settlement when the assets have been divided. By obtaining an independent current market valuation prior to the sale or purchase of a property or a property transfer, it will mean that disputes can often be avoided and a fair outcome reached.


Why choose Hay Property Group?


Hay Property have over 30 years’ experience in providing valuations for family law and matrimonial purposes for all property types including residential, rural, commercial, industrial and retail properties. Hay Property Group has access to extensive databases, so we utilise the most relevant market sales evidence to complete our valuations. Our valuers have extensive knowledge of all areas whether it is metropolitan Melbourne or Victorian Regional areas. Our reports are thorough, with attention to detail setting us apart from our competitors. 


How much does a family law valuation report cost?


For family law and matrimonial purposes, it is advised that long form reports are completed. This format of report is more costly however, should the dispute require a court hearing, this format satisfies the requirements of the court, therefore no follow up or second report is required. As every property is different the valuation fee is determined by the type of property, its location and degree of difficulty involved. You can obtain a quote by contacting our office and speaking directly with one of our valuers.


What is the time frame to complete the valuation?


Generally the turnaround time is 5-10 business days from the date of inspection, however this will differ depending on the type of property being valued.  Our valuers will be able to provide you with an estimate of the completion time at the time of quoting.


How do I obtain a valuation for family law or matrimonial purposes from Hay Property Group?

To request a valuation please call out office on 1300 969648 and one of our valuers will be happy to provide you with a quote and arrange a suitable inspection time for the property.


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