Separation Checklist



Making the decision to separate from a partner or a spouse is one of the most difficult life choices one is faced with. Once the decision to separate has been made, it can be quite overwhelming, as there are many things to consider, such as:


  1. Who should remain living in the family home?

  2. How should the household expenses be divided and paid until there is a property settlement?

  3. How should the children be told about the separation? 

  4. If I leave the family home should I take the children with me?

  5. What arrangements should be made for the children to spend time with my former partner or spouse?

  6. Should I see a lawyer first to know or understand my entitlements?


To assist with the separation process, we have prepared a checklist for you to consider prior to or just after you have made the decision to separate.




  1. Once you have made the decision to separate, you should communicate your intention to your partner or spouse;

  2. Record the date of separation; and

  3. Discuss with your former partner or spouse how you both should tell your children, family, friends, the children’s schools and the extracurricular activities they attend about your separation.